Shopping at Costco

I went to Costco on Sunday, even though I was still really tired from taking care of my new kitten all week. There weren’t too many things I needed this time, except for jalapenos.

I got four jars of jalapenos, which I love to put on my ham sandwich for lunch. I would love to make nachos and put jalapenos on them, but I’m afraid nachos would be way too fattening.

Last week I got an e-mail from Costco, showing all their new products, and which products were on sale that week. I was looking forward to their new, sour cream and onion flavored potato chips.

I had some when I got home, and thought they tasted great, because the sour cream onion flavor wasn’t so strong as with other brands.

It was the end of August but they already had the Halloween pretzel snacks which I like to distribute to the children. I think I will have to buy a few of these tubs for the children. There are 70 bags in each tubs, so I think I will get three or four.

I also got another bag of chocolate for the kids. After the lesson I always like to distribute candy, but once in a while I will also give them a Hersey’s Kiss.

I was really glad to find these big mugs. I love to drink tea, and I think the mugs in Japan are always too small, if you are using a tea bag. I prefer to use big mugs, when making tea with a teabag, but I could never find any. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any choice in the design. The design wasn’t too bad.

Finally I also got a box chocolate croissants.

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