My kids love Tabasco, so I had been thinking about getting some at Costco every time I would go there, but I kept forgetting, so Suna would always have to buy it at the local supermarket. She would buy a 60ml bottle for about 190 yen at most. (That’s 100ml for 317yen)
I went shopping at Costco yesterday, and bought most of the usual things, but I remembered to look for Tabasco, which was well hidden for some reason. I was surprised by how huge the bottle was, yet it only cost 768yen. As you can see in the picture above, I put a regular 60ml bottle next to the 355ml bottle I had got yesterday. (That’s 100ml for 216yen)
I also got another bottle of Yoshida’s new sauce (). My kids love Yoshida’s BBQ sauce, but I love to cook chicken in this new sauce.
I also got an extra box of chocolate croissants for after running with my friends today.

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