Shopping at Costco・コストコ久山

I went shopping at Costco last week. My students enjoyed my previous entry about going shopping at Costco so I thought I would write another one. There were so many things I needed. Although shopping is really cheap at Costco, I always end up paying more than 20,000 yen. WTF! Whenever I just look at each individual item, it is very reasonably priced, but since I can’t get any of the products I like near my house I always end up stuffing my shopping cart full over there.
I got two new doormats. 1,780 yen each, one for the main entrance and one for the class entrance.
I got a pack of colored pens for the children’s classes. 50 colored pens were 1,338 yen. Not bad. The kids loved them.
Three new chairs for the class at 1,580 yen each. The quality was very good for a fold-up chair, compared to those I used before. The students were glad with the new chairs because they were so much softer. I think it was a great deal.
One of students asked me to get her some cheese and wine. I think the one bottle was not enough for her. I should have gotten three or four. It was really cheap, only 568 yen. Perhaps I should have gotten some white as well. I’m afraid the bottle will be empty real soon. The block of cheddar cheese was really cheap. I got one for myself too. 1 kilo of cheddar cheese cost only 1,198 yen. My family loves cheese so after just one week the whole block was gone………….
I got Nutella for the kids. They love it. It was really cheap here. This huge jar was only 738 yen. 
Unfortunately, they didn’t have the peanut butter I like…….
I got four jars of pickles! They were only 548 yen, so I had to get lots! What else was I supposed to do?
I really want to make brownies again, so I got a box of brownie mix for making four batches. The box of brownie mix was 1,198 yen.
I regret buying the two huge bags of chips. One 1 kilo bag cost only 598 yen, but I and my children ended up eating two bags in one week. Not good……
They didn’t have my favorite last week, a huge American apple pie. I was a little glad, because otherwise I would be eating too much of it in just two days. However they did have the usual muffins. I had to get the muffins. One pack of 12 huge fresh muffins for just 838 yen is irresistible. I put most of these in the freezer so I could enjoy them for over two weeks.
Suna loves to get lots of ketchup. Ketchup is so cheap here. Three 1.25 kilo bottles cost only 998 yen. That’s super cheap.
I have to get the mustard for when I make hotdogs at home.
Speaking of hotdogs, I had to have one of Costco’s pork hotdogs and a slice of pizza before leaving. 

We couldn’t finish the chowder though………….

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