The 2014 Ohori Fireworks Festival・大濠花火大会

The Ohori fireworks festival is held every year on August 1st. Although Ohori park is in the center of Fukuoka city, six kilometers from my house, I was able to see and hear the fireworks clearly from my third floor window. I know the park is 6 kilometers from my house because many times I have run there and back using my GPS watch. I don’ like to go and see the fireworks there because it is just so crowded. I prefer to go to the Meinohama fireworks festival in Atogohama every August 15th, which is always a day off for me. Besides it isn’t that crowded and I can get really close to the firework even though they are smaller than those of Ohori park, I just love sitting on the beach and eating a snack while watching these huge explosions up close.
I took some pictures of the Ohori park fireworks. It was pretty hard, but I think I got a couple of good shots.

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